me without you= .......

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suicide awareness 2012 &lt;3
miss independent i gotta talk to you for a minutei gotta let you know all the feelings I&#8217;m feelin&#8217;your smiles just got me realin&#8217;forgive me in advance for the time that I&#8217;m sealin&#8217;i just wanna be you hero i could never be the villain your thillin, the very sight of you is undefinable you make me skip a line or two like double dutch it what i dotrue i start again i can&#8217;t believe that I&#8217;m fallen&#8217; in loveand i don&#8217;t even know your name yet ♥
dubstep: transformers having sex!
The grass ain&#8217;t always greener on the other side it green where you water it! &lt;3
what best friends are for &lt;3
last night while live streaming with the janoskians, i said to them that i threw my MAC across the room, later that night MAC repairs followed me HAHA
-quote by me:) ©
reblog if you understand! photography by me :)

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this girl on the right is amazing! &lt;3
words only mean so much, but a smile means millions


no wonder people aren&#8217;t coming out of the closet :/
one direction &lt;3
don&#8217;t worry harry, we will tell em&#8217; our news now :)